ANTHC Remote Monitoring

CSV Files Summarizing BMON Data

Note: These CSV files are updated once per day at 4 AM.

All Sensors, with associated Building
This table shows every Sensor in the BMON system, the Building associated with the Sensor, how many minutes ago it last reported, and the total reading count for the sensor.

Active Alerts
This table has a row for each Active Alert, and it does not show the Recipients who are notified when the Alert condition is met.

Active Alerts with Recipients
This table shows Active Alerts and the Recipients who receive the Alert notification. So, for each Alert, there is a separate row for each Recipient.

Alert Events
This table shows every Alert that has been issued by BMON, displaying the building, sensor name, and Alert message.


Thanks to the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation for funding development of most of the BMON Open Source Software used to build this site.

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